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Crane tools made of aluminum

Low dead weight - High payload - Greater reach in crane use


Effectiveness at the highest standards - these are two important challenges for craftsmen in particular. Past the times, when the material had to be carried on the site by hand on the spot.

Construction cranes do this today.


However, you need the right tools, not a standard, but exactly matched to your needs. We can certainly help you at this point and in implementing the above requirements. Our aluminum crane tools are also durable and lightweight.


We manufacture well thought-out and designed crane tools, such as crane forks, crane bins and work baskets. But that's not all. Please read it yourself. We welcome you to our website.


Crane tools made of aluminum "Top quality at reasonable prices"


Crane tools should be light. The transport to the construction site and the handling at the workplace are made much easier by the low weight. In spite of the minimum weight, however, the loading capacity is important. We offer you an ideal combination of both: highly stable, hand-made aluminum tools with optimized capacity for a wide range of applications.

You can rely on it: every product we deliver meets high quality standards and has proven itself in practice with our customers.


We from Kranmeister: Your experts for crane tools!


With us you get:

Crane tools made of aluminium.

Crane forks

Light, rustproof and durable!

High-strength aluminum alloys allow a low weight and very high load carrying capacity.

Easy handling due to automatic weight adjustment and adjustable forks.

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Crane bins

Crane bins with tilt automatic.

Fully welded parts. Low weight with high payload. Stability in all areas makes it indispensable for construction.

The support arm is made of high-strength aluminum.

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Roof tile spreaders

The crane puts it on the roof, the tile spreader follows, exactly where you just have to work. Different variants are available.

For example for manual use or for crane operation with adjustement of the loading area.

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Roof tile grabbers

Due to the low weight, higher operating ranges are achieved. Working with the Kranmeister roof tile grabber allows for a quick covering of the roof surface. We offer you an extensive repertoire to meet your needs.

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Storage on roof

Simply attach it behind the roof panels, without damaging the foil. The inclination can be adjusted gradually. An extension as side protection or work platform is also possible. further information ›

Work baskets

Our work baskets simply pulled up on the crane hook. Ideal for repairs, repairs to the roof, cleaning work, removal of storm damage and ready for use. Comply with the current safety regulations.

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