About Us


25 years of experience in the industry
Whoever manufactures lifting technology must know what is important.


Customers are mainly roofers and carpentry companies

Development and production in dialogue with the professionals on site.

Delivery throughout Europe
Quality for your craft wherever you need it.


Our crane accessories made of aluminum weigh considerably less than steel accessories. This results in higher payloads and greater reach of the crane. This is especially important for smaller cranes, which means a great economic advantage.


Kranmeister products have been tried and tested and have a long service life. We meet the requirements of our customers every day. The easy and safe handling is our first priority. But we do not lose sight of the price-performance ratio.


The right material selection and top processing is important for a good product. High-strength aluminum alloys and modern welding processes are part of this. Our QS system ensures consistent quality. As a customer, you come first and have earned the best product.