Our crane forks are characterized by their low weight and high load carrying capacity.

This is exactly what is happening in the construction industry: a lot of material should be brought to the place where it is needed, with the least possible effort.

As a result, we have a number of aluminum crane forks with unbeatable advantages.


But please read:

  • Low weight: Our crane forks weigh about 64% less than their steel counterparts. This results in higher payloads and greater reach of the crane. In case of emergency, you can simply extend your crane further. In addition, our lightweights can be transported better.
  • Automatic weight compensation by a maintenance-free compression spring system.
  • Adjustable forks: The tine distance can be adapted to the pallet size.
  • No interfering elements: There is no chain box for the safety chain at the back of the fork. This makes transportation easier once again. The chain is simply placed in the main pipe. It can be easily adjusted in length.
  • Simple loading of the loading fork on the crane hook.
  • All forks are equipped with profiles high-strength aluminum alloy.
  • Specially welded aluminum-zinc alloy forks provide an enormous stiffness and thus a particularly high load capacity.

Crane forks made of aluminum

KL 1200 M

  • 1200 kg payload
  • 50 kg of dead weight
  • Manual weight compensation 

KL 1200

  • 1200 kg payload
  • 60 kg of dead weight
  • Automatic weight compensation

KL 12 HV

  • 1200 kg payload
  • 64 kg of dead weight
  • Automatic weight compensation
  • Height adjustable

KL 1700

  • 1700 kg payload
  • 72 kg of dead weight
  • Automatic weight compensation

Batten fork

  • Carrying capacity: 200 kg Weight: 22 kg
  • Fork width: 3000 mm
  • Fork depth: 490 mm